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Hi Mom Bloggers, I am helping Alexis Martin Neely launch her new book, "Wear Clean Underwear: A Fast, Fun, Friendly - and Essential - Guide to Legal Planning for Busy Parents. With her savvy book Wear Clean Underwear, Alexis helps parents understand how important – and easy – legal planning is for parents. You can find out more info on the book at www.wearcleanunderwearbook.com.

So why am I writing you?

For each mom blogger who reviews the book on or before May 7, we will offer a comprehensive Kids Protection Plan counseled and prepared by a celebrity lawyer, Alexis Martin Neely. This is a great value, as an attorney prepared Kids Protection Plan is normally $1,000. And, because Alexis Martin Neely is no longer seeing new clients, this offer is truly priceless.

Let me know if you can review the book by May 7th. We would love your participation. Please contact me at alicia@wealthygirlsummit.com if you are interested.
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The response letter

[Note: my name and address are poorly typed - no capitalisation on my surname or the town!]

Dear Ms Leamy

Thank you for your letter dated 19 March which was passed to me today.

Unfortunately you are out of time to make a complaint under the NHS Complaints Procedure as the NHS can only investigate complaints that are either made within 6 months of the event or within 6 months of you realising that you have something to complain about, as long as that is not more than 12 months after the event itself.

However I have asked [name] in the Maternity Department to look into this and respond to you directly.

Thank you for bringing your concerns to my attention.

Yours sincerely,

Deputy Chief Executive
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And another thing!

Today I printed, signed, and posted seven copies of the formal complaint to the hospital about the events surrounding Linnea's birth. Two were sent recorded delivery, to the complaints dept and the chief exec; three were sent first class post, to the ob who deals with the birth trauma clinic, the head of midwifery, and the PALS, and two were hand-delivered, to my GP and my Health Visitor.

So now we wait. If I don't hear from them within 21 days I go to a solicitor - that's 11 April, allowing for post delivery time.

I've put the plain text files with the birth story up at http://ailbhe.ossifrage.net/writing/plaintext/birth/ - this is a rough version, the more polished versions are in various other, less accessible places for now. There's also http://ailbhe.livejournal.com/tag/birth+trauma for my main journal entries about it all.

And the poem Collapse )
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So I bought the No Cry Sleep Solution Toddlers book, and suddenly my baby started sleeping through the night. No, I didn't *read* it, just bought it.

And now she's going to bed much more easily; we put her in bed and stay there until she falls asleep, give her pats and strokes but no cuddles, and all we say is "nighttime, time for bed." The first night it took half an hour, the second 25 mintues, the third 14 minutes and the fourth 11 minutes.

By the time the new baby is born in August, she might have a regular bedtime and sleep pattern. That would be fabulous.
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So she's almost two...

And sleep is a myth, a story, a fable I'm told in the night by parenting books read by the light of my raw, red-rimmed eyes, burning sleepless holes in my face. Augh.

OK, it's not that bad. But she's almost two, and she's a toddler like she was designed to be - No! Stop! Wait! Wanna! Now! Mine! Bikkit bikkit! PURPLE balloon!

Sleep is for wimps and sissies.
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She fell over yesterday and hit her head on the leg of a chair and cut her lip on her teeth and bit into her gums and there was blood all over her chin - but she only cried for about a minute and then she was fine.

She's so brave!

There seems to be no lasting damage but I was a bit nervous when brushing her teeth today. We didn't brush them yesterday evening as it was too soon after the cut.

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I'm a 19 year old mother of a beautiful baby girl named Lena. She was born in the best month April!! Here birthday is 4-4-04. Isn't that neat. Well, anyway I hope we get more members.

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